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anyone who resides or works within the Village of Metamora is required to pay Municipal Income Taxes (1%). If you are new to the village, please contact RITA or your employer to start paying municipal taxes immediately. No one likes to receive notices regarding late filings, fees and/or penalties.

Thank you.



Welcome to The Village of Metamora

The first settlement in Metamora was made in the 1830s. 

The Post Office has been in operation since 1841.

The name “Metamora” is from a play titled Metamora, Last of the Wampanoags (1829) written by John Augustus Stone.  The play follows the title character Metamora, a heroic and noble American Indian chief, and his tragic fall at the hand of English settlers in the seventeenth century New England.  This Play led four new Midwestern towns in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan to adopt the name “Metamora”

Meetings & Events 

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